MEL MADE ME DO IT - Stormzy 「Tekst」 - Bosanski prevod

(I'm not going economy, no way) Ay, mummy
(I'm claiming it, man) Claim it, Amen (I'm claiming it)
Claim it, haha (I said I'm not going econ—, economy)
Yeah, right, why? (Stormzy is my son) Brap

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MEL MADE ME DO IT - Stormzy 「Tekst」

(I'm not going economy, no way) Ay, mummy
(I'm claiming it, man) Claim it, Amen (I'm claiming it)
Claim it, haha (I said I'm not going econ—, economy)
Yeah, right, why? (Stormzy is my son) Brap

I been the G.O.A.T. for so long, I guess it's not exciting when I win
Boohoo, someone grab the violins
Every time I try a ting, top bins like Haile when he sings
So of course they don't like me, I'm the king
Aight, tell me why, why would I reply to him?
I leave him hanging like Kyrie on the rim
Where do I begin? I wear the 5990 in the gym

I got a thing for shiny little things
What can I say? I'm like a young Black Biden with a trim (Woo)
Presidential when I'm ridin' in the Bimz
Taking pictures with my cameraman, I'm shining in my skin
For eight-figures, I'm Aubameyang, I go and sign the ting, aight
I never wonder about who I could've been 'cah I'm here
Rose Gold, frosted or ceramic
Told bro spin it, so he span it
We are not the same, big Mike's from a whole different—
Top bins, what a set piece, fling it in the net
Could've Jet Li kick him till he bled
And I'm rent-free living in their head
What's that quote? Ooh, "kill 'em with success"
Talking smoke, please, give it all a—

Still dripping in finesse (Goddamn)
Man, I got figures and flows, I'm a different kind of F
Got a Lambo and a Rolls, that's a different kind of cheque
And I said I was the G.O.A.T., they didn't listen when I—
Aight, any time I do a big fletch, just ignore me
Niggas wanna hear my side of the story
Niggas wanna hear a nigga chat like it's Maury
Fuck that, you niggas better bask in my glory
They call me to slide through the store 'cah I'm so patterned
To be fair, we don't go Hatton
We don't tell lies, I think the kids call it "no cappin'"
The boys rough, but the flow's satin
I J Hus'tle and I'm MoStack'ing, they wanna' catch me on the roads lacking
You better pray that it don't happen (Niggas)

And I don't sell drugs, still, I'm dope rappin'
Have your whole pattern Stiff Chocolate with the book
To be fair, I don't feel Twitter
Getting told I'm not a real spitter by some broke-arse bill splitter
Listen, nigga, you got bigger fish to fry, like
If I ever see your girlfriend in Dubai, oh, Lord
Party on the boat she's onboard
And the Birkin is a bag you can't afford and she'd like one
Do the maths, you ain't the right one
It's alright, son, we send her back before the night's done
I wrote one, light one, eight-out-of-ten
She's my aight one, think of a hit, then I write one
On when I sight one
This my, this my Ghanaian flow, it's a tight one

If she pretty then I put her on a flight
I put her on a jet if her pussy—, wait
Look, my nephews are listening, my chef should be Michelin
There's guests in my kitchen and my left wrist is glistening
My tunes getting played from a set to a christening
They're pissed on the net 'cause I said I ain't listening
Real niggas know it's all positioning
Real niggas know I'm not the victim, alright, I am
I'll take the L, they hype the Gram
They tell their jokes to spite the man
I feed my folks, they bite my hand
I do the most, I'll fly to Cannes
To watch a film, then bye, alright
Headline Reading and Leeds like it's easy

Funny when they talk about the game 'cah it needs me
Niggas wanna hear a nigga spill it all to Zeze
Fuck that, you niggas didn't know that I'm greazy
It's easy, man talk shit until they see me
Believe me, all you niggas give me (Heebie jeebies)
Word to Lauryn, I will die on this hill
You little niggas two figures shy on my deals
Someone slide me the bill (Okay, I got it)
What my eyes don't see, the Messiah reveals
If it all goes left, give Jasiah my will
Cah I guess I'm just the bredda that they're dying to kill, ah (Woo)
Your boy's mad dark, still, I shine like a grill
Yeah, I'm healthy and I'm blessed, but I rhyme like I'm ill
Linebacker, holding on the line like Khalil, ooh

I live a life that they try to fulfil
So they hate on my name but admire my skill
And before I touch stage, gotta wire my mil, ah
My niggas do drill that was prior to drill
If you see me with my dragons lookin' fly in the field
Know Khaleesi couldn't fathom all the fire I spill, nah
You old washed niggas should retire, for real
There's a time you should move and a time to be still
There's a time to destroy and a time to rebuild
But all I see is washed up godfathers and washed up podcasters
I own all my masters, I ain't got masters
I throw a party on the yacht and wear my Yacht Master
They think I just chart-top, but I'm the top charter
Gaffer like I'm Scott Parker

For when the mandem used to rock parkas
I am nasty, but I'm not Marcus
Genius, I could've clocked Harvard
My niggas slide, but they are not dancers
Dead rappers wanna swap chargers
Nah, I mean they wanna swap stances
Nah, I mean they wanna trade places
Get to scrappin' like I ain't famous
Have you dashing like you're Dwain Chambers
Follow fashion, man, you fake greatness
To make a classic, yeah, it takes ages
But I still do it like my mate David
Nah, I mean like my bro Dave
Me and MIST, that's a close shave

They fear this, but they won't say
I'm the nearest on a cold day
They love to talk about the old days
Them man are old, like, "Annie, are you okay?"
I prefer not to speak like I'm José
(I prefer really not to, not to speak)
(If I speak I am in, in big trouble)
This is what I meant when I said what I said
I got whips in my drive, pretty women in my bed
My accolades are bigger than my head
Stylo told me, "Kill 'em till they're dead"
(The killy'dem ah carry one inna di head)
(Don Dada, kick arff face with bank robber)

If it's a ting then I'll just pattern it like Trev, ah
Man, I got 'Teks like I'm Kylian, punch like I'm Dillian
Walk in a gym and I bump into William
The S on chest, yeah, that stands for "success"
But the M on my hairline stands for my millions
Ah, I got a brilliant car, I got a brilliant team
They wanna bring up my past because I'm living my dream
What we achieved ain't a shock 'cah we knew it
We just stepped all clean and said, "Mel made me do it," ow
Now there's not enough space in my wardrobe
Benjart fitted on my waist and my torso
Niggas keep on thinking I'm a chief, oh, you thought so?
Chatty patty niggas, man, you niggas need a talkshow
I've never seen real dons turn loose women

Sleep real good, fresh sheets, new linen
If we ever played a game called "Guess Who's Winning"
Then you'll open up the door, I'll be in the room chillin'
There'll never be a time where me and you's twinnin'
Why? Different status, my chicks the baddest
You know the bags Chanel, the trips to Paris
And if your boy's a king, the bit's a palace
Okay, three O2s that I sell out
Man, I'm such a sellout
Might fuck around and bring Adele out
Me and Flipz don't talk like we fell out
Ah, get the hell out, all the shit I gotta spell out
Please A, double-L, O-W me
Every time I double-plaque, they gotta double my P

I was double-spread Mike, now I cover i-D
Wouldn't cover for you dickheads if you covered my—
Ah, I knew they wouldn't like it if I blow
Got all your niggas rattled, but you hide it on the low
I'm from the city where they're ridin' with the pole
And now my nephews can't believe that Spider-Man's my bro
Shout Tom, that's my guy, on top till we die
Yeah, I skip through the world, hopscotch to Dubai
There's a lot to divide, but my God will provide
Couldn't get to where I'm going if you hopped in my—
I got TJ tellin' me we're done
Said, "I thought I have an hour left?"
Ah, man, my enemies are out of breath
I pray, then I fast, then I counter-press

Spent a week in the sticks, but tonight, I'm at my South address
Ah, you know how it gets
Holy Spirit, that's just how I'm blessed
Aight, twenty bags for my shower head, a nigga gotta shower fresh
You little boys are out your depth
Know I got Ashville on the yard and Yianni on the wrap
I mean, I'm Yianni on the rap
I'm the best at what I do, they think I'm braggin' on the track
But I'm flexing 'cah it's true and if you went and run it back
You'd know I'd left you with the truth
Cause the cars don't make you this lit
The money don't make you this good
The plaques don't make you this cold
Give a fuck what my shit sold

I buss a rhyme when I'm in flip mode, you pricks know
The boy's just way too nice so you always see my music on the shelf
I've been the G.O.A.T. for so long that they never hype a nigga up
So I guess I gotta do it to myself, boy

MEL MADE ME DO IT - Stormzy 「Tekst」 - Bosanski prevod

(Ne idem ekonomija, ni na koji način), mama
(Tvrdim da me čovek) zahteva, Amen (tvrdim da)
Zauzmite to, haha ​​(rekao sam da ne idem ekonomično, ekonomija)
Da, zar ne? (Stormzy je moj sin) Brap

Bio sam t the g.o.a.t. Tako dugo, valjda nije uzbudljivo kad pobedim
Boohoo, neko zgrabi violine
Svaki put kad probam ting, gornje kante poput Hailea kad pjeva

Tako da me ne vole, ja sam kralj
Aight, recite mi zašto, zašto bih mu odgovorio?
Ostavim ga kako visi poput Kyrie na rubu
Gdje da počnem? Nosim 5990 u teretani
Imam stvar za sjajne sitnice
Šta da kažem? Ja sam poput mlade crne biden s ukrasom (woo)
Predsjednički kad se ja se trudim u BIMZ-u
Slikajući se sa mojim kameramanom, sjam mi u koži
Za osam figura, ja sam aubameyang, idem i potpisujem ting, aight
Nikad se ne pitam za ono što sam mogao biti "Cah Ovdje sam
Rose Gold, Frosted ili keramika
Rekao da se Bro spusti, pa ga obuzima
Nismo isti, veliki Mike iz cijelog različitog-
Top kante, kakav je postavljen komad, lete u mreži

Mogao sam ga udariti mlaznica dok nije iskrvario
A ja sam bez iznajmljivanja u njihovoj glavi
Kakav je to citat? Ooh, "ubijaju ih sa uspjehom"
Pričaj dim, molim te, daj sve a-
Još uvijek kaplje u finesse (prokletstvo)
Čovječe, imam figure i teče, ja sam drugačija vrsta f
Imam lambo i rolne, to je drugačija vrsta čeka
I rekao sam da sam ja. ", Nisu slušali kad sam
Aight, bilo kada radim veliku letch, samo me zanemari
Niggas želi čuti moju stranu priče
Niggas želi čuti crnjački chat kao što je Maury
Jebi se, bolje si u mojoj slavi
Zove me da klizim kroz trgovinu 'Cah, tako sam uzorna
Da budem fer, ne idemo hatton

Ne govorimo lažima, mislim da djeca to nazivaju "ne kapi" "
Dječaci grubi, ali protok saten
Ja sam ho'tle i ja se nastavljam, žele me 'uhvatiti na putevima kojima nedostaje putevi
Bolje se molite da se ne događa (crnja)
I ne prodajem drogu, mirno, ja sam drolja
Neka cijeli uzorak kruta čokolada sa knjigom
Da budem fer, ne osjećam Twitter
Rečeno mi je da nisam pravi skup razdjelnika
Slušaj, crnjo, imaš veću ribu za SRJ, kao
Ako ikad vidim tvoju djevojku u Dubaiju, oh, Bože
Zabava na brodu na brodu
A birkin je torba koju si ne možeš priuštiti i ona bi joj se svidjela
Uradite matematiku, niste pravi
U redu je, sine, šaljemo je prije nego što je noć završila

Napisao sam jedno, lagano jedno, osam-van-od deset
Ona mi je saznanja, pomisli na hit, onda pišem jedno
Kada vidim jedan
Ovo moj, ovaj moj ganski protok, to je uska
Ako je lijepa, tada sam je stavio na let
Stavio sam je na mlaz ako joj maca, čekaj
Gledaj, moji nećakovi slušaju, moj kuhar bi trebao biti Michelin
U mojoj kuhinji su gosti i moj lijevi zglob blista
Moje melodije igraju se iz postavljenog na krštenje
Bijesni su na neto jer sam rekao da ne slušam
Pravi crnja znaju da je sve pozicioniranje
Pravi crnja znaju da nisam žrtva, u redu, jesam
Ja ću uzeti l, oni prerazuju gram
Kažu svoje šale da uprde muškarcu

Nahranim svoje ljude, grizu mi ruku
Radim najviše, letit ću za Cannes
Gledati film, pa zdravo, u redu
Naslov čitanje i lede kao da je lako
Smiješno kad razgovaraju o igri 'Cah, treba mi
Niggas želi čuti crnja koja sve prosipa u Zeze
Jebi se, niggas nisi znao da sam nježna
Lako je, čoveče da se sranje dok me ne vide
Vjerujte mi, sve što mi nigga dajete (heebie jeebies)
Riječ Lauryninu, umrijet ću na ovom brdu
Ti si malo crnja dvije figure stidljive moje ponude
Netko mi pomakne račun (ok, imam ga)
Šta moje oči ne vide, Mesija otkriva
Ako sve ostane, dajte Jasiah moju volju

Cah, valjda sam samo Bredda koju umiru da ubijaju, ah (woo)
Tvoj dječak je lud mračan, ipak, sjam kao roštilj
Da, zdrav sam i blagoslovljen sam, ali ja se rimaju kao da sam bolestan
Linebacker, držeći liniju poput Khalil, Ooh
Živim život koji pokušavaju ispuniti
Pa mrze moje ime, ali divi se mojoj vještini
I prije nego što dodirnem scenu, moram živjeti mil, ah
Moje crnjaci ne buši se prije bušenja
Ako me vidite sa svojim zmajima koji traže leteći na terenu
Znam da Khaleesi ne može svugnuti svu vatru koju prosiram, ne
Stari su praljeni crnjaci trebali bi se povući, za stvarno
Postoji vrijeme koje biste se trebali kretati i vrijeme da budete još uvijek
Postoji vrijeme za uništavanje i vrijeme za obnovu
Ali sve što vidim su oprane kume i oprane podcastere

Posjedujem sve svoje majstore, nemam majstore
Bacim zabavu na jahtu i nosim svoju jahtu
Misle da samo grafim, ali ja sam gornja povelja
Gaffer kao da sam Scott Parker
Jer kad se mandem koristi za rock parke
Ja sam gadan, ali nisam Marcus
Genius, mogao bih sazvati Harvard
Moji crnjački tobogan, ali nisu plesači
Mrtvi reperi žele zamijeniti punjače
Ne, mislim da žele da zamijeni stavove
Ne, mislim da žele trgovati mjesta
Dođite da se ukinete kao da nisam poznat
Da li ste se bavili kao da ste Dwain Chambers
Pratite modu, čoveče, lažnu veličinu

Da napravim klasiku, da, potrebna je vekopolje
Ali ja i dalje to radim kao moj mate David
Ne, mislim kao moj broj brata
Ja i magla, to je bliska brijanje
Oni se plaše toga, ali neće reći
Najbliži sam na hladnom danu
Vole razgovarati o starim danima
Čovjek im je stari, kao, "Annie, jesi li dobro?"
Radije ne govorim kao da sam José
(Radije stvarno neću, ne govoriti)
(Ako govorim da sam u velikoj nevolji)
Ovo sam mislio kad sam rekao šta sam rekao
Dobio sam bičeve u svom vožnjom, lijepim ženama u mom krevetu

Moja priznanja su veća od moje glave
Stylo mi je rekao: "Ubij ih dok nisu mrtvi"
(Killy'Dem ah nose jednu inna di Head)
(Don dada, kick arff lice sa pljačkakom banke)
Ako je to ting, onda ću samo uzorak kao Trev, Ah
Čovječe, imam "teks kao da sam kylian, buna kao da sam dillian
Hodati u teretani i naletim na William
S grudima, da, to znači "uspjeh"
Ali M na mojoj liniji kose za moje milione
Ah, imam sjajan automobil, imam sjajan tim
Žele mi donijeti moju prošlost jer živim sanjam
Ono što smo postigli nije šok 'CAH koji smo znali
Upravo smo se svišli i rekli: "Mel me natjerao da to učinim," Ow
Sada nema dovoljno prostora u mojoj garderobi

Benjart se ugradio na moj struk i moj torzo
Niggas nastavi misleći da sam šef, oh, mislio si?
Chatty Patty Niggas, čoveče, niggas trebate razgovor
Nikad nisam vidio prave donjske done
Spavajte stvarno dobro, svježi listovi, nova posteljina
Ako smo ikad igrali igru ​​pod nazivom "Pogodite ko pobedi"
Onda ćete otvoriti vrata, ja ću biti u sobi Chillin '
Nikad neće biti vremena gdje sam ja i ti je Twinnin '
Zašto? Različiti status, moji pilići najgori
Znate torbe Chanel, izlete u Pariz
A ako je tvoj dečko kralj, bit je palača
Ok, tri O2-a koje prodajem
Čovječe, ja sam takav rasprodaja
Može se zajebavati i iznijeti Adele

Ja i flipz ne pričamo kao da smo pali
Ah, izvadi se, sranje, moram da se napišem
Molim te, dvostruko-ja, o-w me
Svaki put kada dvostruko plaketa, moraju udvostručiti moju p
Bio sam dvostruko širio Mike, sad pokrijem I-D
Ne bi pokriti za tebe kretene ako si pokrio moje-
Ah, znao sam da se ne svide ako pušem
Skinuo sam sve svoje crnjake, ali vi to sakrivate na niskom
Ja sam iz grada u kojem se drže sa polom
A sada moji nećakovi ne mogu vjerovati da je paukov čovjek moj brat
Viče Tom, to je moj momak, na vrhu dok ne umremo
Da, preskočim svet, Hopscotch do Dubaija
Puno se dijeli, ali moj Bog će pružiti
Nisam mogao doći do mjesta gdje idem ako se uhvatiš u mom-

Imam TJ-a da mi kažemo da smo gotovi
Rekao: "Mislila sam da imam sat vremena?"
Ah, čovječe, moji neprijatelji su bez daha
Molim se, onda brzo, onda sam pritiskam
Proveo sedmicu u štapovima, ali večeras sam na svojoj južnoj adresi
Ah, znate kako to postaje
Sveti Duh, to je tako blagoslovljen
Aight, Dvadeset vrećice za moju tuš glavu, crnja koja mora tuširati svježe
Ti si mali momci vani dubine
Znam da imam Ashville na dvorištu i Yianni na omotu
Mislim, ja sam Yianni na rapu
Najbolji sam u onome što radim, misle da sam hvalisla na stazi
Ali savijam se "Cah je istina i ako si to otišao i pokreneš
Znali biste da sam te napustio istinu

Jer te automobili ne čine ovo zapali
Novac vas ne čini dobrom
Plakete vas ne čine hladnim
Daj jebem ono što je moje sranje prodano
Ja autobusim rimu kad sam u režimu flip, kneznite
Dječakov je samo lijep, tako da uvijek vidite moju muziku na polici
Bio sam g.o.a.t. Toliko dugo da nikada ne prerazuju crnja
Pa pretpostavljam da to moram učiniti sebi, dečko

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